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H2Bev, The Ultimate Hydration & Recovery Drink!

Hydrogen is the one of the most abundant elements and powerful antioxidants in the Universe! Health aficionados drink Hydrogen water, to quickly hydrate, increase energy, prevent lactic acid during exercise, recover faster after the gym, reduce stress and free radicals from daily life. Stabilizing blood pressure and glucose levels are also major benefits.  

Since Hydrogen is One of the most Powerful Antioxidants it can help with neuro protection and reduce risks of metabolic syndrome and more! See more benefits backed by clinical studies below.

Ben Greenfield
"Hydrogen water has been shown to stabilize cholesterol, improve the skin, increase cognition, fight inflammation, protect against radiation damage, ameliorate gastrointestinal disorders, and, when taken pre-workout, it decreases lactic acid levels, supports mitochondrial ATP production, and may prevent early fatigue, micro-injury, and oxidation related overtraining.

I highly recommend you check out H2Bev and grab a case of this stuff for yourself. It's a real shot in the arm."

Anthony DiClimenti

"HydroShot is pretty amazing, it has the highest Molecular Hydrogen content in terms of parts per million.

Hydrogen is a gas that's very very tiny antioxidant, it gets in your cells, works great.

And it tastes great! ​ I'll slam a bunch of these every day!"

Water, H2O, has 2 Hydrogen electrons for every Oxygen molecule, when we add Hydrogen gas you now get the benefit of Hydrogen when you drink H2Bev because the extra H2 molecules are available to your body!

We’ve created the only can that retains Hydrogen gas in water for a long shelf life until you’re ready to drink!

When we experienced the power of H2 for ourselves, we started to test what worked to make sure we only offered the best. We noticed some companies were trying to bottle Hydrogen gas in plastic, but plastic allows Hydrogen gas to leak, giving you just over priced water! We’ve solved that problem by canning H2Bev in the highest quality of cans! Our cans are BPA free and they don’t leech aluminum! Plus they're recyclable!

Sports Performance & Exercise Recovery

Cognitive Function


Benefits of H2


• Powerful Antioxidant
• Anti-inflammatory
• Decreases Lactic Acid

• Faster Workout Recovery

• Supports Mitochondrial ATP production

• Helps lower excessive oxidative stress

Clinical studies substantiate these benefits of drinking Hydrogen Enriched Water


Hydro Shot is a Molecular Hydrogen Enriched Water + Natural Supplements which increase blood flow, stimulate brain function and provide energy. Lemon Lime Flavor. Whether you're an athlete, business professional or retired and looking for more energy, faster recovery and greater health, HydroShot is something you need to try!

Hear it From Others


"Absolutely incredible. I crave them. I have not felt this hydrated in a very long time. My workouts are next level! I drink 2-3 a day, I can't workout without it! I feel so hydrated!" ​

-Katie Ewell

"I'll smash a few of these a day! This has the highest parts per million Hydrogen" ​

-Anthony DiClimenti of Biohacking Secrets