Broad Spectrum CBD

Hydro Splash

A new approach to relaxation

Maintain a calm and balanced state of body and mind. Hydrosplash offers 10mg of THC free Broad Spectrum CBD to help you feel calm, focused and ready to handle what ever comes your way.

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Not your ordinary CBD beverage

Hydro Splash offers you all of the benefits of CBD plus it's Hydrogen Infused. Studies have shown Hydrogen Enriched Water to support rapid recovery, cognitive function and to prevent early fatigue. Hydro Splash is available in Fruit Punch, Blue Rasberry and Lemon Lime flavors.

Increase Relaxation

CBD is commonly used to address anxiety and stress.

Better Sleep

CBD may help with both falling and staying asleep.

Improve Circulation

Studies suggest that CBD can improve blood flow.

Cognitive Benefits

Hydrogen water improved cognitive behavior in studies.