Molecular Hydrogen + Nitric Oxide

Hydro Shot

Recharge your youth & vitality

The classic one-two. The combination of Molecular Hydrogen and Nitric Oxide make Hydro Shot a true super-drink.

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Give every day your best shot

Hydro Shot is keto friendly and has the power to give you a natural energy boost to help you face the day head-on. Molecular Hydrogen and Nitric Oxide give this drink the power found in no other beverage. As the smallest antioxidant, Molecular Hydrogen has the power to access DNA and mitochondria within the cell to provide protective action. Hydro Shot is available in Lemon Lime, Strawberry and Orange Flavors!

Improve your focus

Molecular Hydrogen and Nitric Oxide have shown in studies to increase energy and focus.

Optimize hydration

Molecular Hydrogen supports hydration and rapid recovery from exercise.

Healthy brain function

Research shows Nitric Oxide increases blood flow which improves brain function and performance.

Increase energy

Studies show Nitric Oxide promotes increased energy and exercise performance.