Common Questions About H2BEV

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- What is H2 Bev's Hydrogen Water?

It is water that contains dissolved pure molecular hydrogen gas. We have a proprietary system to infuse the hydrogen into the water.

- What is Molecular Hydrogen?

Molecular hydrogen consists of two hydrogen atoms that are chemically bonded together. Each hydrogen atom contains 1 proton and 1 electron. The hydrogen atoms combine together to form molecular hydrogen, which is a gas.

- Doesn't water already have Hydrogen in it because it is H2O?

Water has Hydrogen atoms, 2 of them, chemically bound to the oxygen atom, but it doesn’t contain the available hydrogen gas. Our water contains about 1.5ppm of Hydrogen.

- Is Hydrogen soluable in water?

It is true that hydrogen is not very soluble at about 1.2 mg/L, which seems very low. However at that concentration there are actually more molecules of hydrogen than there are molecules of vitamin C in a 100-milligram dose. Scientific studies show that these concentrations are still effective.

- Is Hydrogen safe?

Yes. Hydrogen has been shown to be very safe at hundreds of times higher concentrations than what’s in an H2Bev bottle.

- What are the nutrition facts of H2BEV?

Each product has their Nutritional Facts listed on their individual product page. You can click them on

- What are the ingredients of H2BEV?

Each product has their Ingredients listed on their individual product page. You can click them on

- Where can I buy H2BEV?

Right here on the website! Please visit our shop at: to choose the quantity you’d like.

- How many bottles can I drink per day?

It is recommended to drink 1-2 bottles daily.

- How soon will I start to see effects of drinking H2BEV?

Most people report benefits within 60 minutes of consuming.

- Can I pour H2BEV over ice?

It is not recommended to pour over ice because the Hydrogen will dissipate.

- When is the best time to drink H2BEV?

It is recommended to drink H2BEV in the morning on an empty stomach or early afternoon due to the increased energy.

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