Why Hydrogen Infused Beverages?

Hydrogen infused beverages are an excellent option for individuals looking to improve their health and hydration. More beverages are using hydrogen and showing great benefits, thus they are becoming a popular choice for those looking for a healthier alternative to traditional drinks. Whether you are an athlete looking to hydrate efficiently after a workout, or an individual looking to improve your overall health, hydrogen infused beverages like Hydro Shot are a great option to consider.

Hydrogen-rich water has shown results in human trials for aiding in hydration and enhancing exercise recovery. H2Bev’s Hydro Shot unlocks the potential of hydrogen water with ingredients that help increase the Nitric Oxide in the body.  It can be a powerful aid for recovery, mental clarity and performance.

Human testing using the fNIRS system with Hydro Shot have shown significant improvement in blood flow measured by increase in oxy-hemoglobin in the brain.

Human testing with Hydro Shot have shown favorable improvements in brain voltage as measured by EEG, an indicator of functional connectivity of the channels in the brain.

Many in the medical profession, including doctors and organizations such as the Carrick Institute, a world leader in clinical neuroscience education for over 40 years, are starting to take notice of the improvements showing in human studies with Hydro Shot. 


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